Credits are the core metric used to access data on our platform. They can be of two types API credits and WebSocket credits.

Each API endpoint has a weight that indicates how many credits you would use. This allows you to access Twelve Data in the most efficient and timely manner. We automatically reset your credits quota every minute and there are no credit charges unless explicitly specified in the docs.

For instance, if you access /time_series data for AAPL, MSFT, and TSLA - you would consume a total of (1 credit) * (3 symbols) = 3 credits. If you want to retrieve /income_statement for the above three stocks you will consume (100 credits) * (3 symbols) = 300 credits.

WebSocket credits are easier to use. Each symbol that you're subscribed to will consume 1 WebSocket credit. Please note, that they are counted separately from the API credits.

Check out documentation before getting started to see the weights of each endpoint. If you need a greater number of credits or access to premium endpoints you may upgrade your plan here.

Which plan is right for me?

To choose the best plan you need and to understand how many credits are needed - you need to estimate the number of credits to be used per minute.

To understand which plan is best for you and how many credits are required you need to estimate the number of credits to be used per minute.

Certain endpoints or features are only available starting from the designed plan. For instance /profile data with the Grow plan, /balance_sheet with the Pro, and /institutional_holders with the Enterprise. Based on that - choose the plan that would serve as the least possible for your case.

Secondly, estimate the consumption of API credits per minute with the following formula:

data weight * number of symbols = credits used per endpoint per minute

Apply the above formula for all endpoints that you plan to use and sum the total number of credits. This would show you the maximum amount of API credits that you would consume in a minute. If you exceed your limits, Twelve Data will pause to return data. To upgrade your account visit the Pricing page.

Best practices

  • Each API request returns api-credits-used and api-credits-left in response headers. Check them not to run out of credits.

  • Anticipate the number of credits usage and choose the right plan.

  • Store data for less frequently updated endpoints such as /stocks on the client-side.

Pricing credo

The mission of Twelve Data is to organize the world's financial data and make it universally accessible. Based on that we strive to become the single place where all customers from individual traders to well-established institutions will find all financial data. However, not all data has the same value. For example, getting a company's logo is much simpler than getting a company's fund holders.

The API credit system with minute quota allocations allows us to achieve the highest level of transparency and easiness of use across all endpoints - with a single subscription. Data weighting depends on the cost of maintaining the data and the frequency of updates. Some data could be easily collected with convenient formats others require lots of work for standardizing the dataset, some endpoints update every minute other every hour. All details influence the data weighting.

Thank you for supporting our mission!

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