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  • Why WebSocket is not working?

Full access to the WebSocket server is only given starting with the Pro plan. Although, you can still connect and test various symbols on the lower grade plans. If you are not sure which plan you have, check your plan in the personal dashboard or at /api_usage endpoint.

Another common reason could be due to closed markets or holidays, so please verify that for each exchange individually.

  • How many connections may be established with the server?

Up to 3 connections might be established, which are typically used in local, stage, and production environments.

  • How many symbols could be streamed simultaneously?

It depends on the plan. For instance, on the Pro 610, up to 500 symbols could be streamed simultaneously, whereas on Enterprise 10946, up to 10000 symbols.

  • What do the 100 events per minute limit stand for?

This does not affect how many price updates might be received from the server, but instead, it limits how many events (subscribe/unsubscribe/reset) could be sent to the server from the client side.

  • Does the API counter affects the WebSocket counter or vice versa?

No. For each plan that supports WebSocket, we have two distinct counters: the first one keeps track of how many API requests are sent to the server each minute and the second one of how many simultaneous symbols subscriptions are established at the moment. These two counters do not affect each other.

  • Can I receive technical indicators values, OHLC, or bid/ask prices?

At the moment, we do not provide an option to receive these values over the WebSocket. Currently, only the real-time mid-price at the tick level and daily volume might be streamed. We are working on new features and will keep you updated!

  • How can I test WebSocket? Is it available with the Basic plan?

Yes! WebSocket could be tested with the Basic and Grow plans. For a detailed explanation of how it works check out the Trial article and the WebSocket docs.

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