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How do I update my billing details?

Did you change your credit card and would like to update this to avoid the expiry of your subscription? We'll explain how to avoid this.

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If you need to change your Billing Information, e.g., add a new credit card or the billing address has changed, please follow the steps below.

Update billing details

1. Log in to your Twelve Data dashboard and go to the Billing tab.

2. Click edit in the Billing settings section:

3. On the appeared page, you can amend and save your billing details where you can specify your Country, billing address, phone number, and your Tax ID:

Add a new card

If you need to add a new card, click Add payment method on the Billing tab as per the picture below:

Use the "Add payment method" button to add a new card:

Once you add a new card, you can set this as a default and remove another card if needed.

Change payment method from credit card to PayPal and vice versa

If you need to change your payment method from a card to PayPal or vice versa, you must cancel your current subscription and subscribe using a new method to the necessary plan.

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