How do I upgrade my subscription?

You can upgrade your Twelve Data subscription at any time and receive all perks from the next tier

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If you want to increase the number of API or WS credits or unlock new endpoints and markets, this article will explain how to get it done in a few clicks.

Step-by-step guide

1. Log in to your Twelve Data account and continue to the Manage plans tab:

2. Click the Upgrade button on the plan you would like to upgrade.

3. On the appeared page, you need to specify the payment method (Credit card or PayPal), provide your Credit card details or login to your PayPal account, and proceed with the payment:

Option 1: Credit or Debit Card

You can use your Visa/MasterCard or American Express card to pay for the subscription. Once you click on the Credit or Debit Card option, you should be able to see the form where you can input your card details:

Option 2: PayPal

If you selected a PayPal method, it's expected that you already have a PayPal account, or you can create a new account. The dialogue form below will guide you through the process where you would be able to pay for your subscription.

Now when you have a new subscription plan, you can continue using Twelve Data services with new features to handle! πŸš€

Charge mechanism

When you upgrade your existing paid plan to a higher subscription, any outstanding balance left after the most recent payment will be used to cover the costs of the new plan. Once the balance is over, the total price of the new plan is charged.

Let's consider an example of when you purchased a Grow 55 monthly plan on 3 September and upgraded to a Pro 1597 monthly plan on 4 September. Your currently paid plan will partially cover your new subscription up until 8 Sept 2022 as per the example below:

The calculation here is the following: $229 (Pro 1597 monthly cost) / 30 (billing cycle) = $7.63 (per day)

$29 (the amount paid for the grow 55 monthly plan and allocated to your Twelve Data account) / 7.63 (new PRO plan cost per day) = 3.8 days will be prorated so that you will be charged $229 on 8 Sept 2022.

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