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Close price differs across intervals
Close price differs across intervals

This article explains why you can see a difference in close price

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Once the equity markets are closed, you may encounter the difference between daily (1day - 1month) closing prices and intraday (1min-8h). This tends to happen with the most volatile instruments.


Take an example of AAPL when requesting minutely data.

Returns close price of 141.71001 for the end of the day.

The exact date at a daily interval has a different value.

Returns close price of 141.66000. The latest price corresponds to the official EOD closing value, which gets updates within 15 minutes after market closing. This value is identical to what can be seen on other websites and services.

Why does it happen?

Intraday data candles are composed of the tick level data. When the market closes, we consider the last tick to be the closing price. However, the exchange keeps the right to choose a different price as the official end-of-day close. The official values after the announcement are updated with the daily intervals, while intraday remains original as they were.

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