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Office Add-in (Excel) Documentation
Office Add-in (Excel) Documentation

The easiest to use add-in for Microsoft Office 356 Excel for automatic download of financial data

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Office Add-in is a lightweight, cross-platform version designed with simplicity in mind yet powerful. At the moment, it covers the three most popular methods at Twelve Data: time series, quotes, and real-time prices.


The only setting that you'll need is the personal API key. On the first launch of the add-in, before starting streaming the data, make sure to input it to the API Key textbox and click Update.

To find your API key - visit the appropriate page in the personal dashboard.


Working with this add-in happens to be intuitive and follows an effortless workflow.


1. Time series. Will return the OHLC records, also adding volume for non-currency instruments.

2. Quote. Returns the general information about the instrument, such as OHLC, price changes, average volume, and others.

3. Price. Use this endpoint to get only real-time price; practical to use it in the existing tables, e.g., portfolio tracker - to update single cell values.


Start typing the symbol ticker, and you will see a list of instruments available. Pay attention since instruments with the same ticker could be traded in different markets!


This parameter sets the period for automatic data updates in seconds. If you specify 60 - it would automatically refresh the data every minute. A cool feature is that each data could have a different value, so you can better control your API usage; make updates more frequently on high volatile instruments and less frequently on assets with low volumes.

Other parameters

There are a couple of more parameters such as interval, outputsize, exchange, and country. They are standard and are the same across all APIs; if you want to read more about them, please visit the API docs. Set them to precisely control the data you get.

Getting the data

Once all the fields are in place, you can retrieve the data. Click the Get button to load the data! Make sure to have the pointer located in the cell where you want the data to be displayed.

Let us know if you have any ideas for improvements, bugs, or suggestions to make this add-in the best in class!

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