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Most common issues with signing up and answers to them

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Sometimes there might be problems with signing up to the Twelve Data, due to browser settings, mail spam, or some other reason. Here are some pitfalls and recommendations of how to overcome them.

No email

At the first stage, you might expect to receive two kinds of emails from us: the verification email (sent when you first sign up) and the reset password (when requested).

  1. If the email is not in the inbox, first of all, check the junk folder - in most cases, it should be there.

  2. Try to use a different email for verification, sometimes your personal domain settings might fail to receive emails from us.

Missing captcha

  1. Refresh your browser.

  2. Clear your browser's internet cache and reopen it.

  3. If the above doesn't work with your native browser try to use a different one.

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