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Unsupported data types
Unsupported data types

Discover which methods and endpoints are not available at the moment

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Our mission is to provide high-quality financial data in a single place. While we are on a highway towards it, there are a few things that we do not support but plan to add in the future.

  • Futures.

  • Commodities.

  • Search/request by ISIN/SEDOL.

  • Interest rates.

  • Top daily gainers/losers.

  • Yield%, scheduled and historical dividends.

  • Bid/ask prices. Level 1, 2, 3 data.

  • Order books.

  • Cryptocurrency volumes.

  • Revenue forecasts.

  • Market hours API.

  • Index components and ETF constituents.

  • API for stock trading... yet :)

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